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This is no longer going to be used as a personal account for me.  I was at work today thinking about how many people know my URL and I have no idea what theirs is anymore, and I have no idea if they’re like…spying on me or whatever and it makes me uncomfortable.  And with recent things that have happened, I think the answer is yes.

So I’m making a new personal account and refollowing everyone I’m close to and that’s about it.  I’ll still pop on here every now and then to reblog some stuff but for the most part, I’m gone, and most of you won’t have to read my bitching and whining anymore.

Send me a message if you want to make sure I add you on the new one.

johnny-stormborn said: TAG. YOU’RE IT. The rules are to state 10 random facts about yourself. Then go to your ten favorite blogs and tell them they are it

  1. My brain is dead right now because I just got off work and it’s Thanksgiving rush
  2. I hate you for sending me this
  3. I’m getting addicted to the Walking Dead and getting ready to get offline so I can go buy more of the comics
  4. I actually, honestly feel happy right now.  And then I realize I feel happy and get anxious that it’s going to come crashing and burning because that’s how it usually goes
  5. My Pippin isn’t in town and I miss her
  6. My family doesn’t even celebrate Thanksgiving and all damn day today people are like HAPPY THANKSGIVING and I’m like THANK YOU, YOU TOO! Because it’s considerate, but I know that once Christmas holiday comes around I’m going to get my head bitten off by some asshole if I say Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays.
  7. They’re playing Christmas music at work and it’s making me want to stab people
  8. I work two jobs and can’t remember the last decent night’s sleep I’ve gotten
  10. shut up i’m done with this

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It’s getting near Christmas time and I don’t have a lot of followers, but Hell, I really like the followers that I do have.  So I’m doing a Follower give-away!  It’s going to last two weeks and the comics will be shipped out December 1st to make sure they get there before Christmas.

You can reblog or like this as many times as you’d like, but please don’t do it too much.  It’s obnoxious to your followers.

You don’t have to be following me to win.

I choose who wins basically by clicking the notes and then closing my eyes and putting my finger on the screen as I scroll up and down.  Whoever’s URL I land on will go on a list.  Once I have 12 URLs, I’ll message them in order to find out which comic you want, and your address.  Yes, you have to be able to give me your address because otherwise I won’t be able to ship these to you.  So the first person will get to pick whatever comic they want but unfortunately the last person will just get whatever is left and I apologize if it’s not what you’d like but hey it’s a free comic so why complain?

  • Civil War - Fantastic Four
  • Secret Invasion - Requiem #1
  • Lady Deadpool #1
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. #5 (But still a great place to start because it’s right where an adventure starts.  But it has nothing to do with Nick Fury, Coulson or Maria Hill.  It’s set in the past with Howard Stark and Nathaniel Richard and Leonardo DiVinchi and Nikoli Tessla but I won’t get into that)
  •  Young Avengers Presents - Wiccan and Speed
  • Young Avengers - Children’s Crusade #1
  • Deadpool team up with the Thing
  • Ultimate Hawkeye #1
  • Deadpool Max 2 - #1
  • The Mighty Thor #1
  • (not shown) Ultimate Iron Man #1
  • (not shown) The Incredible Hulk #1

(I will edit this post to upload pics of Iron Man and Hulk and maybe even some more once my camera stops being stupid)



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I will not fight you, brother.

Some Bobby Drake/John Allerdyce for Ginger-Kraken

Under a read more for those in the tags that don’t want to read stuff like this

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sandy can’t you see im in misery?


sandy can’t you see im in misery?

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